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Meenumix, one of the largest manufacturers of mixer grinder, has marked its presence since 1969 in Indian house hold kitchens.The product and production process has gone through much evolution over a period keeping pace with changing needs of the housewives, but the quality remain uncompromised forever.
After 44 years of innovations, determinations and forecasting, Meenumix has established one of the top positions in South Indian Kitchen Appliance Market and now spread across entire GCC market as well. The growth has been phenomenal over these years and the tremendous sales growth particularly in South India and Bahrain, made HOMETECK to acquire the brand in December 2012 after a span of 8 years as the super stockists and the marketing agents in the same region. Now, HOMETECK presents to you a range of domestic Mixer Grinders and Juicers, Table Top Grinders, Induction Cookers, Gas Burners, Sandwich Toasters etc. in various attractive models to cater the needs of all segments of end users. The quality assurance and the best after sales support is a promise to you from the HOMETECK group which would be kept up as an unchanging tradition.

Meenumix product range in the immediate future will have all range of Kitchen Equipments and Home appliances which would rule the Indian house hold kitchens.

Considering the popularity of Meenumix brand in the minds of end users and as Hometeck owns the brand , we have planned and decided to diversify the Home appliances segment with new model of Mixer Grinder, new models of Wet Grinders, and new models of Induction Cookers, in addition to the existing models. 

Hometeck is making Meenumix inevitable in the Home Appliances Industry by assuring quality standards, moderate price matching with International Competitive branded products. Hometeck will be introducing Meenumix in this Onam Festive Season with a new and cherished feeling.

Hometeck has conducted its Kerala Distributor Meet in the month of June 2013. The best performed distributor award for the year 2012 was presented to the Best Performer in Kerala State , Mr.Jayakrishnan of Jaypee Marketing – Thrissur and Malappuram. Chairman of HOmeteck Commercial Agencies Pvt Ltd Mr.Hari Alekkaran presents the best performer award for the year 2012 to Mr.Jayakrishnan.. Hometeck’s Executive Director Mr.Raju Varghese stands near by.

We at Hometeck believe that “ WE can achieve anything and everything, if only we continue to keep trying until we succeed”. Customer Care Centres are organized across Kerala State to serve the End users . “ Enjoy to Serve you”